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What is Bank of Baroda MMID


In today’s fast-paced digital era, convenience and accessibility have become paramount, especially in the realm of financial transactions.

Bank of Baroda, a leading financial institution in India, recognizes this need and has introduced the MMID (Mobile Money Identification Number) to facilitate seamless and secure money transfers.

With its unique 7-digit code, MMID empowers individuals to manage their finances effortlessly from the comfort of their fingertips.

What is Bank of Baroda MMID?

Bank of Baroda MMID is a unique 7-digit code linked to a specific bank account, enabling users to make instant fund transfers using mobile banking services.

This code is essential for interbank money transfers through IMPS (Immediate Payment Service), a popular real-time money transfer system in India.


How to Generate Bank of Baroda MMID?

Generating your Bank of Baroda MMID is a straightforward process:

  1. Online Banking: Log in to your Bank of Baroda net banking account and navigate to the ‘MMID Generation’ section.
  2. Mobile Banking: Access your Bank of Baroda mobile banking app and select the ‘MMID Generation’ option.
  3. ATM: Visit a Bank of Baroda ATM and choose the ‘Generate MMID’ option from the menu.
  4. Customer Care: Contact Bank of Baroda customer care and provide your account details to request MMID generation.

Using Bank of Baroda MMID for Transactions

Once you have your MMID, you can seamlessly initiate various mobile banking transactions:

  • Fund Transfers: Select the ‘Fund Transfer’ option, enter the recipient’s MMID or account details, specify the transfer amount, and confirm the transaction using your MMID.
  • Bill Payments: Choose the ‘Bill Payments’ option, select the biller category and enter the required details, enter the payment amount, and authenticate the transaction with your MMID.
  • Other Services: Utilize your MMID for various mobile banking services, such as mobile recharge, balance inquiries, and mini-statement generation.

Safeguarding Your Bank of Baroda MMID

To ensure the security of your Bank of Baroda MMID, follow these essential guidelines:

  • Never share your MMID with anyone, including bank personnel.
  • Secure your mobile banking password and change it regularly.
  • Carefully verify transaction details before confirming with your MMID.
  • Keep your mobile banking app updated to the latest version for enhanced security.

Bank of Baroda MMID empowers customers to enjoy the convenience and security of mobile banking, enabling them to manage their finances effectively while on the go.

By safeguarding your MMID and following safe banking practices, you can experience the peace of mind that comes with secure and seamless financial transactions.


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