Waikato uni dates for 2024


Waikato University has outlined a comprehensive academic calendar for the year 2024, stating key dates that include trimester periods, public holidays, study breaks, and significant events. Here’s an overview of these crucial dates that will shape the academic year for students and faculty alike.

January 2024

  • 1st (Mon): New Year’s Day.
  • 2nd (Tue): Day after New Year’s Day.
  • 3rd (Wed): Teaching Period H commences; continuation of Trimester C.
  • 29th (Mon): Auckland Anniversary Day.

February 2024

  • 6th (Tue): Waitangi Day.
  • 9th (Fri): Final teaching day for Trimester C and Teaching Period H.
  • 12th (Mon): Start of study break and examinations.
  • 16th (Fri): End of Teaching Period H and Trimester C exams.
  • 19th (Mon): Teaching recess; Enrolment and O week begins.
  • 26th (Mon): Start of Trimester A and full year classes.

March 2024

  • 29th (Fri): Good Friday.

April 2024

  • 1st (Mon): Easter Monday.
  • 2nd (Tue): University Holiday.
  • 15th (Mon): Mid-trimester recess for Trimester A begins.
  • 25th (Thu): ANZAC Day.
  • 29th (Mon): Resumption of Trimester A.

May 2024

  • 24th (Fri): Open day Hamilton (provisional).
  • 31st (Fri): Final teaching day of Trimester A.

June 2024

  • 3rd (Mon): King’s Birthday; Trimester A study week commences.
  • 10th (Mon): Start of Trimester A exams.
  • 21st (Fri): End of Trimester A exams.
  • 24th (Mon): Beginning of teaching recess.
  • 28th (Fri): Matariki Holiday.

July 2024

  • 1st (Mon): Enrolment and O week begins.
  • 8th (Mon): Trimester B starts.

August 2024

  • 19th (Mon): Mid-trimester recess for Trimester B starts.

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September 2024

  • 2nd (Mon): Trimester B resumes.
  • 12th (Thu): Kīngitanga Day.

October 2024

  • 11th (Fri): Final teaching day of Trimester B.
  • 14th (Mon): Study week for Trimester B begins.
  • 21st (Mon): Trimester B exams start.
  • 28th (Mon): Labour Day.

November 2024

  • 1st (Fri): End of Trimester B exams.
  • 4th (Mon): Start of teaching recess.
  • 11th (Mon): Commencement of Trimester C and Teaching Period G.

December 2024

  • 20th (Fri): End of Teaching Period G.
  • 23rd (Mon): University Holiday begins.
  • 25th (Wed): Christmas Day.
  • 26th (Thu): Boxing Day.
  • 30th (Mon): Mid-trimester recess for Trimester C starts.

This calendar not only maps out the academic schedule but also integrates public and university holidays, providing a comprehensive guide for planning the academic year. For specific application and enrolment dates, study advice events, and other campus happenings, the university’s events calendar is a crucial resource.


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