Waikato uni dates 2023


Waikato University has outlined a comprehensive schedule for its 2023 academic year, encompassing various important dates, study advice events, and a diverse range of activities on campus and in the community. This article provides a detailed overview of these dates and events, offering students, faculty, and staff essential information to plan their year effectively.

January 2023

  • 1st Jan: New Year’s Day.
  • 2nd Jan: Day after New Year’s Day.
  • 3rd Jan: New Year Day observed.
  • 4th Jan: Start of Teaching Period H and the continuation of Trimester C.
  • 30th Jan: Auckland Anniversary Day.

February 2023

  • 6th Feb: Waitangi Day.
  • 10th Feb: Final teaching day of Trimester C and Teaching Period H.
  • 13th Feb: Study break and examinations begin.
  • 17th Feb: Examinations for Teaching Period H and Trimester C end.
  • 20th Feb: Teaching recess; Enrolment and O week commence.
  • 27th Feb: Start of Trimester A and full-year classes.

March & April 2023

  • Notable holidays including Good Friday (7th April) and Easter Monday (10th April).
  • Mid-trimester recess for Trimester A begins on 10th April, with classes resuming on 24th April.
  • ANZAC Day observed on 25th April.

May 2023

  • 26th-27th May: Open days in Hamilton.

June 2023

  • 2nd Jun: Final teaching day of Trimester A.
  • 5th Jun: King’s Birthday and beginning of Trimester A study week.
  • 9th Jun: Open day in Tauranga.
  • 12th-23rd Jun: Trimester A examinations.
  • 26th Jun: Start of the teaching recess.

July 2023

  • 3rd Jul: Commencement of teaching recess and enrolment for the O week.
  • 10th Jul: Trimester B begins.
  • 14th Jul: Matariki holiday.

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August & September 2023

  • 21st Aug: Trimester B mid-trimester recess starts.
  • 4th Sep: Resumption of Trimester B.
  • 14th Sep: Kīngitanga Day.

October 2023

  • 13th Oct: Final teaching day of Trimester B.
  • 16th Oct: Start of Trimester B study week.
  • 23rd Oct: Labour Day.
  • 24th Oct: Trimester B examinations commence.

November 2023

  • 3rd Nov: End of Trimester B examinations.
  • 6th Nov: Beginning of teaching recess.
  • 13th Nov: Start of Trimester C and Teaching Period G.

December 2023

  • 15th Dec: End of Teaching Period G.
  • 18th Dec: Start of teaching recess.
  • 20th Dec: University holiday begins.
  • 25th Dec: Christmas Day.
  • 26th Dec: Boxing Day.

This calendar provides a comprehensive guide for students and faculty to navigate the 2023 academic year at Waikato University, ensuring they are well-prepared for the various academic milestones and events scheduled throughout 2023.


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