Bank Of Baroda

The Bank Of Baroda Melbourne Branch


In the heart of Melbourne’s bustling financial district, stands the Bank of Baroda Melbourne Branch, a symbol of financial excellence and global connectivity.

Established in 1908, this branch has been serving the diverse needs of individuals and businesses in the Australian market for over four decades.

With its strong local presence and global reach, the branch has become a trusted financial partner for individuals and businesses alike.

Bank Services Offered at Bank of Baroda Melbourne Branch

The Bank of Baroda Melbourne Branch offers a comprehensive range of banking services tailored to meet the diverse needs of its customers, including:

  • Personal Banking: Savings accounts, current accounts, loans, debit cards, credit cards, investment products, and more.
  • Corporate Banking: Business accounts, loans, trade finance, cash management, and more.
  • NRI Banking: NRE accounts, NRO accounts, remittance services, and more.
  • Other Services: Online banking, mobile banking, ATM services, and more.

The branch’s dedicated team of experienced and knowledgeable bankers is committed to providing personalized service and guidance to help customers achieve their financial goals.

The Bank of Baroda Melbourne Branch Location

Conveniently situated at Level 21, 100 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, the Bank of Baroda Melbourne Branch is easily accessible by public transportation or private vehicle.


Hours of Operation

The branch operates from Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, ensuring that customers can access their banking needs during convenient hours.

Bank of Baroda Melbourne Phone Number, and IFSC Code

For any queries or assistance, customers can reach the branch at +61 2 908 77400. The branch’s IFSC Code is BARB0MELBRO.

The Bank of Baroda Melbourne Branch stands as a testament to the bank’s unwavering commitment to providing accessible, reliable, and globally connected banking services to the Australian community.

With its comprehensive range of services, convenient location, and customer-centric approach, the branch has earned a reputation as a trusted financial partner.

Whether you are an individual seeking personal banking solutions or a business owner looking for corporate financial guidance, the Bank of Baroda Melbourne Branch is your one-stop destination for all your banking needs.


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