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The Bank Of Baroda Fixed Deposit Rates


Bank of Baroda is one of India’s leading banks, offering a wide range of products and services to its customers.

One of the most popular products offered by Bank of Baroda is fixed deposits (FDs). FDs are a great way to save money and earn interest on your savings.

What is a fixed deposit?

A fixed deposit is a type of investment where you deposit money for a fixed period of time, typically ranging from 7 days to 10 years.


During this period, you will earn a fixed rate of interest on your deposit. The interest rate is typically higher than the interest rate offered on savings accounts.

What are the benefits of fixed deposits?

There are many benefits to investing in fixed deposits, including:

  • Fixed rate of interest: FDs offer a fixed rate of interest, which means that you know exactly how much interest you will earn on your deposit.
  • Protected from market fluctuations: FDs are not affected by market fluctuations, so you can be sure that your investment is safe.
  • Flexible to your needs: FDs are available for a variety of tenures to suit your needs.
  • High returns: FDs offer higher returns than savings accounts.

What are the Bank Of Baroda fixed deposit rates?

Bank of Baroda offers a variety of fixed deposit rates for different tenures. The current fixed deposit rates offered by Bank of Baroda are as follows:

TenureInterest Rate (%)
7 days – 45 days2.75% – 3.00%
46 days – 90 days3.25% – 3.50%
91 days – 180 days3.75% – 4.00%
181 days – 270 days4.25% – 4.50%
271 days – 365 days4.75% – 5.00%
1 year – 2 years5.25% – 5.50%
2 years – 3 years5.75% – 6.00%
3 years – 5 years6.25% – 6.50%
5 years and above6.75% – 7.00%

How to invest in a fixed deposit with Bank of Baroda

You can invest in a fixed deposit with Bank of Baroda by visiting any of the bank’s branches or by logging into your online banking account.


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