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Waikato Student Loans and Allowances

The University of Waikato offers Student Loans as a financial aid option for domestic students engaged in tertiary study. A Student Loan can fund various educational expenses including tuition, course fees, courserelated costs, equipment/books, and even travel expenses. It’s important to understand the terms of these loans, such as the need to pay back the… Read More »

Waikato uni dates for 2024

Waikato University has outlined a comprehensive academic calendar for the year 2024, stating key dates that include trimester periods, public holidays, study breaks, and significant events. Here’s an overview of these crucial dates that will shape the academic year for students and faculty alike. January 2024 February 2024 March 2024 April 2024 May 2024 June… Read More »

Waikato uni dates 2023

Waikato University has outlined a comprehensive schedule for its 2023 academic year, encompassing various important dates, study advice events, and a diverse range of activities on campus and in the community. This article provides a detailed overview of these dates and events, offering students, faculty, and staff essential information to plan their year effectively. January… Read More »