Swift Code For ANZ Bank Australia - November 2023


In the global financial network, SWIFT codes serve as essential identifiers for banks and financial institutions. When it comes to ANZ Bank Australia, knowing its SWIFT code is crucial for international transactions. Here, we’ll delve into what a SWIFT code is and how to find the right one for ANZ Bank Australia.

Swift Code For ANZ Bank Australia

A SWIFT code, or Bank Identifier Code (BIC), is a unique alphanumeric code used for identifying a specific bank during international financial transactions. It ensures that funds are routed accurately to the intended recipient, even across borders.


For ANZ Bank Australia, the SWIFT code is ANZBAU3M. This code is used when you need to transfer money internationally to an ANZ Bank account or when someone from overseas wants to send funds to your ANZ Bank Australia account. It’s essential to provide the correct SWIFT code to avoid any delays or errors in your transactions.

Remember that SWIFT codes can vary depending on the branch and location. So, always double-check the specific SWIFT code for your ANZ Bank Australia branch to ensure smooth international transactions.


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