RaboDirect Term Deposit Rates - November 2023


In today’s fluctuating financial landscape, securing your savings while maximizing returns is paramount.

RaboDirect, a leading online bank, offers attractive term deposit rates that provide stability and growth for your hard-earned money.

Whether you’re planning for a future purchase, saving for retirement, or simply building a solid financial foundation, RaboDirect term deposits can help you achieve your goals.

What are Term Deposits?


Term deposits, also known as certificates of deposit (CDs), are secure savings accounts that offer a fixed interest rate for a predetermined period, typically ranging from a few months to several years.

By locking in your funds for a specified term, you can earn a guaranteed interest rate, shielding your savings from market fluctuations.

RaboDirect Term Deposit Rates: Competitive Returns

RaboDirect stands out for its competitive term deposit rates, consistently offering higher returns than many traditional banks.

With a range of term options to suit your savings goals, you can choose the investment that aligns with your financial timeline.

Terms Standardinterest^Monthly(interim)Quarterly(interim)Six-monthly(interim)MinimuminvestmentAccount fees
1 month3.50%$1,000None
3 months5.05%$1,000None
6 months6.05%$1,000None
9 months6.15%$1,000None
1 year6.30%6.13%6.16%6.20%$1,000None
15 months6.20%6.03%6.06%$1,000None
18 months6.10%5.94%5.97%6.01%$1,000None
2 years6.10%5.94%5.97%6.01%$1,000None
3 years5.90%5.75%5.77%5.82%$1,000None
4 years5.85%5.70%5.73%5.77%$1,000None
5 years 5.75%5.60%5.63%5.67%$1,000None

For individuals seeking stability and growth, RaboDirect term deposit rates provide a compelling investment opportunity.

With competitive returns, flexible term options, and secure account management, RaboDirect empowers you to achieve your financial objectives with confidence.

Explore the range of term deposit options available and start earning the interest you deserve today.


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