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Verifying Your Residential Address with ANZ Bank


When initiating a banking relationship, ANZ Bank, like most financial institutions, mandates the submission of proof of address. This requirement is more than a formality; it is a pivotal step in verifying your identity and establishing a reliable line of communication.

Acceptable Documents for Proof of Address at ANZ Bank

ANZ Bank recognizes a range of documents to verify your residential address. Acceptable proofs include:

  1. Utility Bills: A recent bill (not older than six months) for services like electricity, water, or telecommunications, addressed to you at your current residence.
  2. Government-Issued Documents: Any official correspondence from a government body, such as tax notices or electoral register confirmations, can also serve as verification.
  3. Personal Mail: A piece of mail addressed to you, again from the last six months, can be used. This includes letters from recognized institutions or businesses.
  4. Bank Statements: A statement issued by ANZ Bank or another recognized financial institution, showing transactions and addressed to your current residence.

The Importance of Providing Proof of Address

Providing a proof of address to ANZ Bank ensures the integrity and security of your banking operations. It allows the bank to maintain up-to-date records, which is essential for seamless service delivery and compliance with legal and regulatory standards. Moreover, it facilitates prompt and accurate correspondence between you and ANZ Bank, including the delivery of important account notifications and statements.

In summary, the submission of a valid proof of address is a crucial requirement for maintaining a secure and efficient banking relationship with ANZ Bank. It’s a simple measure that upholds the safety of your financial resources and guarantees that the bank can contact you when necessary.


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