Life Insurance ANZ Bank - November 2023


Life insurance, also known as term life insurance or death cover, offers a lump sum payout in the event of a terminal illness diagnosis or death. There are different types of life insurance like income protection, trauma, and total and permanent disability (TPD), each covering various events.

Life Insurance ANZ Bank

If you have financial dependents, mortgages, or debts, having a life insurance policy is a crucial part of your financial protection strategy. While you might think you’re too young or that it’s costly, the true cost of not having it can be significant.


When reviewing life insurance quotes, ensure the coverage matches your needs and budget, and understand the policy’s terms and conditions in the Product Disclosure Statement. Honesty is vital when obtaining a quote, as undisclosed factors like pre-existing conditions or smoking status can affect claims.

Ezicover Life Insurance provides peace of mind, offering support for your loved ones in case of illness or passing, with the added benefit of a complimentary first month’s premium, making it an accessible way to safeguard those you care about.


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