Bank Of Baroda

Is Bank Of Baroda Merged?


Bank of Baroda, one of India’s leading public sector banks, has been a trusted financial institution for over a century.

With a strong presence across India and an expanding international footprint, Bank of Baroda serves a diverse clientele of individuals, businesses, and corporate entities.

In recent years, the Indian banking sector has witnessed a wave of consolidation, with several banks merging to create larger, more robust entities.

This consolidation has been driven by various factors, including the need to strengthen the banking sector, improve efficiency, and expand market reach.

What banks were involved in the Bank of Baroda merger?

In 2018, the Government of India announced the merger of Canara Bank, Punjab National Bank, India Bank, Union Bank of India, and the State Bank of India with Bank of Baroda.


This merger, effective from April 1, 2019, created the third-largest public sector bank in India, with a combined balance sheet of over ₹13 trillion.

The merger was aimed at strengthening the financial position of the three banks, improving their operational efficiency, and expanding their geographical reach.

The merged entity, now known as Bank of Baroda, has a wider network of branches and ATMs, offering a comprehensive range of banking products and services to its customers.

Impact of the Merger on Bank of Baroda

The merger has had a positive impact on Bank of Baroda’s financial performance and market position. The bank has seen an increase in its customer base, deposits, and advances. The merger has also helped the bank to expand its presence in new markets and strengthen its brand recognition.

Overall, the merger of Bank of Baroda, Dena Bank, and Vijaya Bank has been a successful consolidation exercise that has created a stronger and more resilient bank. Bank of Baroda is now better positioned to compete with the private sector banks and play a key role in the Indian banking industry.


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