Ifsc Code ANZ Bank - November 2023


IFSC stands for Indian Financial System Code. It is a unique alphanumeric code that plays a vital role in identifying specific bank branches for electronic fund transfers within the country.

Ifsc Code ANZ Bank

For those dealing with ANZ Bank in India, the IFSC code is ANZB0000001. In this code, “ANZB” represents the bank code, with the fifth character being a placeholder. The remaining “000001” portion signifies the specific branch code allocated to the ANZ Bank’s Mumbai branch.


The IFSC code ANZB0000001 serves as a critical identifier for electronic fund transfers and various financial transactions within the Indian banking system, ensuring that your transactions are routed accurately and efficiently.

When dealing with ANZ Bank in India, always double-check and use the correct IFSC code for your branch to make your banking activities easier.


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