Heartland Bank Transaction Fees - November 2023


We are a community or regional financial institution known as Heartland Bank. Our focus is on serving individuals, businesses, and communities within our designated area.

We offer personal banking solutions like current and savings accounts, along with personal loans. For businesses, our offerings include business savings and checking accounts, business loans, and specialized business services.

Apart from these services, we actively participate in community engagement and place great importance on providing personalized customer service to cultivate strong local relationships.

Heartland Bank Transaction Fees

Below are some of the fees we charge our clients for various bank transactions.

  1. Online Transaction Fees

We have eliminated online transactional fees. This means we have removed any charges associated with online transactions.

2. Direct Debits


We provide the liberty to set up and initiate as many direct debits as required without any additional cost.

3. Automatic Payments

Customers have the flexibility to set up and manage numerous automatic payments without facing any charges.

4. Direct Debit Dishonour Fee

In situations where a customer fails to honour a direct debit from their YouChoose account due to insufficient funds or other reasons, we might apply a fee of $32.


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