Heartland Bank Swift Code NZ - November 2023


Heartland Bank plays a vital role as a local and regional financial cornerstone, catering to the diverse needs of people and businesses within its defined territory.

At the core of its offerings lie a plethora of personalized financial solutions, designed to meet the distinct requirements of each customer. For individuals, Heartland Bank provides an array of personal banking options, ranging from traditional savings and current accounts to tailor-made personal loan solutions.

This article aims to reveal the information we have on the SWIFT code of Heartland bank.


Heartland Bank Swift Code NZ

The SWIFT code for Heartland Bank is HEATNZ22.

A SWIFT code serves as a globally standardized mechanism, providing an entirely distinctive identification for a specific bank and its respective branches. These codes are particularly utilized for facilitating international or cross-border transactions between financial institutions.


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