Heartland Bank Overdraft - November 2023


Heartland Bank functions as a local or regional financial organization that delivers a diverse range of banking amenities to individuals, businesses, and communities within its specified area.

The assortment of provided services encompasses personal banking resolutions like current and savings accounts, alongside personal loans.

For enterprises, the bank presents business savings and checking accounts, business loans, and business-oriented services.


Furthermore, Heartland Bank actively engages in community participation and prioritizes individualized customer service to cultivate robust local connections.

Heartland Bank Overdraft

An overdraft transpires when there are insufficient funds in a customer’s account to cover a transaction, but we still process it. It’s important to be aware that this safeguard isn’t applicable to Health Savings (HSA) and/or non-personal business accounts.

We can address overdrafts through two methods:

  1. Overdraft Protection Service for the customer’s account.
  2. We also provide alternate overdraft protection options, like linking to a savings account, which might be more cost-effective than our usual overdraft procedures. To gather further information about these choices, please reach out to us.

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