Heartland Bank Livestock - November 2023


Heartland Bank serves as a local or regional financial establishment that offers a range of banking amenities to individuals, enterprises, and communities in its designated zone.

The array of services provided encompasses personal banking solutions like checking and savings accounts, alongside personal loans.

In support of businesses, the bank extends business checking and savings accounts, business loans, and specialized business services.


Moreover, Heartland Bank actively participates in community involvement and places significant emphasis on delivering tailored customer service to foster robust relationships within the locality.

Heartland Bank Livestock

Our Livestock Finance is specifically designed for New Zealand farmers. We provide complete financing for purchased livestock and solely secure the purchased livestock itself.

Whether the funding is needed for acquiring or reevaluating a sheep or beef farm, there’s no requirement to personally visit the bank or make phone calls. Apply online for a Sheep & Beef Direct loan and safeguard your valuable livestock.


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