Heartland Bank Account Types


Heartland Bank serves as a community or regional financial organization, delivering a wide range of banking solutions to individuals, businesses, and communities within its designated vicinity.

The array of services provided encompasses personal banking options, comprising current and savings accounts, along with personal loans.

For businesses, the bank presents business savings and checking accounts, business loans, and specialized business services.

Additionally, Heartland Bank actively participates in community engagement, placing significant emphasis on tailored customer service to foster robust local connections.

Heartland Bank Account Types

Heartland Bank has a variety of bank account types for customers to choose from. The four main ones are Direct Call Accounts, YouChoose Accounts, Notice Saver and Business Call Accounts.

  1. Direct Call Account

Irrespective of the customer’s savings goals, our Direct Call Account provides a competitive rate for a savings account with no attached conditions.


2. YouChoose Accounts

YouChoose is the everyday account that grants a 0.50% annual interest on every dollar stored. There’s no requirement for a minimum deposit, no fees for setup or monthly maintenance, and no transaction limits.

3. Notice Saver

Our Notice Saver provides attractive rates while allowing adaptable access to saved funds. Customers have the option to select from either our 32 or 90-day notice periods, and only need to notify us when the’re prepared to access the funds.

4. Business Call Accounts

Our Business Call Account enables businesses to accrue a competitive interest rate on all its funds, while maintaining immediate access whenever necessary.


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