Export Anz Bank Statements To Excel - November 2023


When it comes to dealing with money matters, following the right steps is important. ANZ DirectLink Online has a way to help you get bank statement details easily. These steps can also work in other banking software.


Export Anz Bank Statements To Excel

These instructions outline the process utilized within the ANZ DirectLink Online system for exporting bank statement details. Similar functions are available in other banking software packages. Here are the steps for Exporting Bank Statements from ANZ DirectLink Online:

  1. Launch the Banking software.
  2. Navigate to Reports > View balances/account information.
  3. Choose the Trust account from the right-hand grid.
  4. From the report name dropdown menu, opt for ‘Transactions’.
  5. In the format field, select ‘CSV’.
  6. Disable the option ‘Show Column Headers’.
  7. Pick the desired date (the system defaults to yesterday’s date).
  8. Click GO.
  9. A dialog box will appear; click Save.

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