Does ANZ Bank Use Osko? - November 2023


Osko serves as a payment mechanism utilized by ANZ and a consortium of other collaborating banks, building societies, and credit unions.

This method expedites transactions between eligible accounts, ensuring swift transfers at any hour.

Does ANZ Bank Use Osko?

Yes, ANZ uses Osko. Engaging with Osko requires no alteration in your payment routine; simply initiate the transaction as usual, and ANZ will optimize its delivery for the fastest possible processing.


When both the sending and receiving accounts are Osko-enabled, the payment process is markedly accelerated, even when traversing different financial institutions.

Functioning under the umbrella of BPAY, Osko offers a highly secure payment service. This platform empowers you to conduct near real-time transfers within the New Payments Platform, providing a reliable means to send and receive funds.


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