Discharge Authority ANZ Bank - November 2023


When it comes to navigating changes in loan terms or the release of secured assets, a well-defined process is essential.

The ANZ Bank recognizes this need and has established a streamlined method: the ANZ Discharge and Variation Authority form.


Discharge Authority ANZ Bank

A discharge authority form serves the purpose of releasing the security (which could be property or cash security) you have provided against a home loan.

For situations where specific actions are necessary regarding your loan, the ANZ Discharge and Variation Authority form is the designated tool. This form comes into play when any of the following scenarios arise:

  • The sale of a property
  • Loan refinancing
  • Full loan repayment
  • Closure of a term deposit/security linked to a loan
  • Guarantor removal
  • Loan and/or security modification request
  • Substitution of an existing security with a new one

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