BIC Code For ANZ Bank - November 2023


When you want to send money between banks in different countries, there’s something important you need to know about: the Bank Identifying Code (BIC). It’s also called the Bank Code or SWIFT code.

These codes are like special addresses for banks, and they help make sure your money reaches the right place safely.

In this article, we’ll talk about why these codes are so important, and the right ones to use when banking with ANZ.

BIC Code For ANZ Bank

The Bank Identifying Code (BIC) is sometimes known as the Bank Code or the SWIFT code. The BIC Code for ANZ Bank is ANZBNZ22 or ANZBAU3M. 


If the other party involved in the transfer requires you to send an 11 digit SWIFT, the code to send is ANZBNZ22XXX.   

The BIC or SWIFT code serves as a crucial element in facilitating seamless money transfers between banks. It’s a requirement for international wire transfers and SEPA payments.

When initiating an international money transfer from New Zealand, having a valid SWIFT code or BIC is essential.


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