Bankstown ANZ Bank - November 2023


ANZ Bank has a good number of branches worldwide, one of such branches is located in Bankstown. This article will provide every useful information you will need to guide you when banking with us.

Bankstown ANZ Bank

The address for the ANZ bank in Bankstown is Bankstown Central Shopping Centre, shop, P1 North Terrace, Bankstown NSW 2200, Australia.

Operating hours

Bankstown ANZ Bank operating hours are from 9:30am-4pm every Monday-Thursday. On Fridays, they are opened from 9:30am-5pm. Weekends and public holidays are the only times the Burwood branch takes a break.


A simple dial to +61 131314 connects you to our responsive customer service team, eager to assist whenever you need support.

The Bankstown branch’s BSB Number is 012-226. It serves as a vital identifier for precise transactions. From deposits to transfers and uninterrupted access to our 24/7 ATM services, the Bankstown branch is committed to meeting your diverse banking needs.


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