Bank Of Baroda QIS Format


As a borrower from Bank of Baroda, you are required to submit the Quarterly Information System (QIS) form on a regular basis.

This form provides the bank with critical information about your financial performance, enabling them to assess your creditworthiness and monitor your progress towards achieving your financial goals.

Understanding the QIS format is crucial for ensuring that you submit accurate and timely information to the bank.

What is the Bank Of Baroda QIS Form?

The Bank of Baroda QIS Form is a standardized document that collects information about a borrower’s financial performance during a specific quarter.

This information includes details about production, sales, inventory, receivables, payables, and cash flow.

The QIS form is used by the bank to assess the borrower’s financial health, identify potential risks, and monitor progress towards agreed-upon financial targets.


Components of the Bank Of Baroda QIS Format

The Bank of Baroda QIS format comprises three main forms:

  • Form I: This form provides estimates for the current accounting year, including production, sales, and profitability projections.
  • Form II: This form captures actual production and sales figures for the completed quarter, along with the cumulative figures for the current accounting year.
  • Form III: This form provides detailed information on the borrower’s current assets and current liabilities as of the quarter’s end.

What is the frequency of submitting the QIS Form?

The Bank of Baroda QIS Form is typically submitted on a quarterly basis, meaning that you will need to submit the form four times a year.

The specific deadlines for submission vary depending on the bank branch and the borrower’s loan agreement.

However, it is generally recommended to submit the QIS Form within a month or two after the end of the quarter.

How to access and submit the QIS Form?

The Bank of Baroda QIS Form can be accessed through the bank’s online banking portal or by contacting your designated bank relationship manager.

Once you have obtained the form, complete it accurately and submit it to the bank within the specified deadline.


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