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Bank Of Baroda MCLR Rates


The Marginal Cost of Funds Based Lending Rate (MCLR) plays a crucial role in determining the interest rates charged by banks on loans.

Bank of Baroda, a leading financial institution in India, adheres to the MCLR benchmark, ensuring transparency and predictability for its borrowers.

Understanding Bank of Baroda MCLR rates empowers individuals to make informed financial decisions, such as selecting the most suitable loan options and planning for future borrowings.

What are Bank of Baroda MCLR rates?

A Bank of Baroda MCLR rate is the minimum interest rate at which a bank can lend funds to its borrowers.

It is determined based on the bank’s own internal cost of funds, which includes factors such as deposit rates, borrowings from other banks, and operational expenses.


The MCLR is reviewed and revised periodically, reflecting changes in the bank’s cost of funds.

Bank of Baroda MCLR Rates

Bank of Baroda MCLR serves as a crucial benchmark for determining the interest rates on various loan products, including personal loans, home loans, education loans, and business loans. Here are the BOB MCLR rates:

Sr. No.MCLR BenchmarkMCLR in (%)
1Overnight MCLR8.00
21 Month MCLR8.30
33 Month MCLR8.40
46 Month MCLR8.55
51 Year MCLR8.75
Base Rate (per annum) w.e.f. 12.04.20239.40% p.a

How to Track Bank of Baroda MCLR Changes?

Bank of Baroda regularly updates its MCLR rates, which are published on its official website and widely disseminated through various channels, including print and electronic media.

Additionally, borrowers can sign up for email alerts to receive timely notifications about MCLR changes.

Changes in Bank of Baroda MCLR rates can have a direct impact on borrowers’ monthly EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) payments.

An increase in MCLR leads to higher EMIs, while a decrease results in lower EMIs. Therefore, borrowers should be aware of MCLR trends to anticipate potential changes in their loan repayment obligations.


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