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Bank Of Baroda GST Numbers


In India, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) has transformed the tax landscape, requiring businesses to register for GST and obtain a unique GST Number (GSTIN) for their operations.

Among the many entities that must comply with GST regulations is Bank of Baroda, a prominent financial institution with a nationwide presence.

What is a GST Number?

A GST Number, also known as a GSTIN, is a 15-digit identification number assigned to businesses registered under the GST system in India.

It serves as a unique identifier for businesses, enabling them to collect, pay, and file GST on their transactions.

Does Bank Of Baroda Have a GST Number?

Yes, Bank of Baroda is a registered GST taxpayer and has multiple GST Numbers associated with its various branches and offices across India.

These GST Numbers are essential for the bank to comply with GST regulations and facilitate GST-related transactions.


Why Does Bank Of Baroda Have Multiple GST Numbers?

Bank of Baroda’s multiple GST Numbers reflect the bank’s decentralized structure and its operations in different states across India.

Each branch or office of the bank may have a separate GST Number to comply with local GST regulations and identify their specific business activities.

How to Find Bank Of Baroda’s GST Numbers?

Bank of Baroda’s GST Numbers can be found on the bank’s official website or by contacting the respective branch or office directly.

The bank also maintains a list of its GST Numbers on the GST portal of the Indian government.

Bank Of Baroda GST Numbers

Here is a list of some of the most famous Bank of Baroda branches and their GST Numbers:

  • Bank of Baroda Head Office, Alkapuri, Vadodara, Gujarat, India – GST Number: 24AAACB1534F2ZB
  • Bank of Baroda, Tamil Nadu – GST Number: 33AAACB1534F3ZB
  • Bank of Baroda, Uttar Pradesh – GST Number: 09AAACB1534F1Z4
  • Bank of Baroda, Maharashtra – GST Number: 27AAACB1534F3Z4
  • Bank of Baroda, Kerala – GST Number: 32AAACB1534F3ZD
  • Bank of Baroda, Gujarat – GST Number: 24AAACB1534F2ZB 

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