ASB Bank Kiwisaver


ASB Bank Kiwisaver is a voluntary retirement savings scheme offered by ASB Bank. It is a government-initiated scheme that is designed to help New Zealanders save for retirement.

Kiwisaver members can choose to contribute 3%, 4%, 6%, 8%, or 10% of their salary or wages to their Kiwisaver account. Their employer is also required to contribute a minimum of 3% to their account.

What are the benefits of ASB Bank Kiwisaver?

There are several benefits to joining ASB Bank Kiwisaver, including:

  • Government contributions: The government will contribute up to $521.43 per year to your Kiwisaver account, depending on your income and how much you contribute yourself.
  • Employer contributions: Your employer is required to contribute a minimum of 3% to your Kiwisaver account, even if you do not contribute anything yourself.
  • Tax benefits: Your Kiwisaver contributions are made before tax, which means that you can save money on your taxes.
  • Investment options: ASB Bank offers a range of Kiwisaver investment funds to suit different risk appetites and time horizons.
  • Early withdrawal options: You may be able to withdraw your Kiwisaver savings early if you meet certain criteria, such as buying your first home or becoming seriously ill.

Who can join ASB Bank Kiwisaver?

To join ASB Bank Kiwisaver, you must be:

  • A New Zealand citizen or permanent resident
  • Aged 18 or over
  • Employed or self-employed

How do I join ASB Bank Kiwisaver?

To join ASB Bank Kiwisaver, you can:

  • Visit an ASB branch
  • Call ASB on 0800 803 804
  • Join online at the ASB website

How do I make contributions to my ASB Bank Kiwisaver account?

You can make contributions to your ASB Bank Kiwisaver account in a number of ways, including:

  • Through your employer: If your employer offers Kiwisaver, they can deduct your contributions from your salary or wages before tax.
  • Direct debit: You can set up a direct debit from your bank account to your Kiwisaver account.
  • Online payment: You can make one-off or regular payments to your Kiwisaver account online.


ASB Bank Kiwisaver is a great way to save for retirement. It offers a number of benefits, including government contributions, employer contributions, tax benefits, and investment options.

If you are a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident aged 18 or over, you can join ASB Bank Kiwisaver. To join, you can visit an ASB branch, call ASB on 0800 803 804, or join online at the ASB website.


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