ANZ Bank Voice ID - November 2023


Your voice is as distinctive as your fingerprint, and ANZ Bank recognizes this. Enter Voice ID—an innovative and secure method for verifying your identity when using the ANZ App. Instead of relying on traditional PINs or passwords, all you need to do is utter the phrase “My voice confirms my identity.”

ANZ Bank Voice ID

Voice ID harnesses the power of advanced biometric security, analyzing hundreds of unique characteristics in your voice. This approach makes it exceptionally challenging for anyone to mimic your voice or use pre-recorded audio to gain unauthorized access. Setting up Voice ID is very simple:

  • Find a quiet spot and log in to the ANZ App.
  • Tap on your Profile.
  • Scroll down to Voice ID.
  • Choose Voice ID and follow the straightforward prompts.

Once activated, Voice ID empowers you to make Pay Anyone payments exceeding $1,000 and BPAY payments over $10,000 with ease and confidence. It’s a cutting-edge security measure that combines convenience and protection, putting your voice at the forefront of identity verification.


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