ANZ Bank Suffix - November 2023


The ANZ bank account suffix consists of the last three digits of the account number and holds the key to identifying the type of bank account a customer possesses. Notably, if a customer holds multiple accounts with the same bank, each account will have a distinct suffix number for differentiation.

ANZ Bank Suffix

Databank Systems Limited introduced these account number suffixes back in 1969, and they remain crucial in banking today:

  • Cheque Account: 00
  • Number 2 Account: 02
  • Fixed Account: 03
  • Savings Account: 30
  • Credit Card Account: 40
  • Thrift Club Account: 50
  • Term Deposit Account: 81

It’s worth noting that some banks, like BNZ, include all three digits of the suffix when presenting the account number to customers, while others display only the last two digits. Technically, all banks employ three-digit suffixes, but the first digit is consistently 0 and is typically disregarded in practice.


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