ANZ Bank Home Loan Calculator - November 2023


ANZ Bank’s Home Loan Calculator is your trusted companion in making informed decisions about your home loan. Whether you’re looking to assess your borrowing capacity, estimate repayments, or determine your required deposit, our calculators and tools are here to assist you every step of the way.

ANZ Bank Home Loan Calculator

To estimate your home loan repayments for a new home loan, simply input the details of the loan type you’re interested in and select an ANZ rate from the interest rate options. You can also explore different scenarios by clicking on ‘Add a new scenario’ and comparing estimated repayments side by side using various ANZ home loan rates.

If you want to compare your current repayments with potential future ones based on a different rate, enter the specifics of your existing home loan. If you have a redraw balance on your loan, include that amount in your total loan balance. For instance, if your loan balance is $600,000 and you have a $50,000 redraw amount, enter $650,000 as your loan amount. Any redraw balance affects your estimated repayments.


Opt to ‘Enter my own interest rate’ and provide your current interest rate to view your approximate current repayments. You can easily find your current interest rate by logging into ANZ Internet Banking or the ANZ mobile app.

For a more comprehensive analysis, tap ‘Add a new scenario,’ where you can either select an ANZ rate from the menu or input your own rate to see how different interest rates impact your estimated repayments.

This tool allows you to effortlessly compare your current repayment plan with estimated new repayment scenarios, giving you a clear picture of the differences. With ANZ’s Home Loan Calculator, you can confidently plan your home loan journey with precision and clarity.


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