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Anz Bank Green Loan


Taking proactive steps can play a pivotal role in addressing the sustainability challenges facing our planet while simultaneously future-proofing your business.

In order to meet the evolving demands of your clientele and adhere to changing regulations, consider exploring a green funding solution.

If your project has a positive environmental impact and falls within one of our eligible categories, the ANZ Business Green Loan could be the ideal choice for you.

Anz Bank Green Loan

The ANZ Business Green Loan offers a floating interest rate for amounts totaling up to $3 million, designed to empower businesses in pursuing their sustainability objectives.

It’s worth noting that ANZ’s Business Green Loan has undergone independent scrutiny to ensure alignment with the Green Loan Principles established by the Loan Market Association.


To qualify for this financing option, your business must meet ANZ’s Business Green Loan Eligibility Criteria, demonstrating clear environmental benefits stemming from the assets or projects your business chooses to invest in.

ANZ Business Green Loans are earmarked exclusively for financing or refinancing eligible expenses within specific categories, including the renewable energy category, energy efficiency category, green buildings category, sustainable land use category, sustainable water and wastewater category, clean transportation category, and pollution prevention control category.

Curious about how green loans function? These loans are extended by lenders to borrowers embarking on projects that prioritize environmental considerations during construction or renovation.

Green mortgage borrowers, for instance, can enjoy a 1% discount on the mortgage rate for existing homes and potentially up to a 1.25% discount for new construction endeavors.


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