ANZ Bank Fixed Deposit Rates - November 2023


We often call the Australian and New Zealand Banking Group Limited as ANZ. It’s the third biggest bank in Australia. ANZ started its banking business long ago in Melbourne around the early 1830s, and it still has its main office there.

ANZ does banking in both Australia and New Zealand. It helps regular people, small businesses, and farmers with banking and loans. It also lends money for buying homes.

ANZ Bank Fixed Deposit Rates

ANZ has something called “term deposits.” You give ANZ some money, and they give you back more money later. You can do this for a short time, like 7 days, or a longer time, like 5 years. They can give you the extra money you earned monthly, every few months, or once a year.

ANZ has two types of term deposits. One is normal, and the other is “advance notice.” With advance notice, if you tell ANZ 31 days before you want your money back, they might give you a bit more money.


The extra money ANZ gives you depends on how long you leave your money with them. If you leave it for a shorter time, you get less extra money. There are some special cases where this isn’t true.

ANZ doesn’t make you pay money each month just for having an account. But if you want your money back before the agreed time, you might need to pay a fee.

ANZ might not give the most money compared to smaller banks, but they still have good options with not-so-high extra money. Some of their term deposits can be as short as 7 days, which is rare. ANZ also has many places where you can go for help, over 1,000 branches in the country.


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