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Anz Bank Feeds Xero


If you hold an ANZ account, you can seamlessly link it to your Xero organization for automatic transaction imports. Once this setup is complete, transactions will flow into your Xero account between Tuesday and Saturday, and you can expect them to arrive by 9:00 am (NZST).

To learn more about the timing of transaction data transfers to Xero, please visit ANZ’s website for detailed information.

Eligible Account Types:

  1. Everyday (day-to-day) accounts
  2. Credit card accounts (online banking required)
  3. Term deposit accounts
  4. Loan accounts
  5. Some Trust Managed accounts (verify eligibility with your bank)

Unsupported Account Types:

  1. Foreign currency accounts
  2. E-Trade accounts

For account types that aren’t eligible for a direct feed, you have two alternatives: check if a Yodlee feed is available or manually import your bank statements.

Applying for Your Feed

The application process for your feed depends on your specific account requirements.

  1. Apply Online:
    • If you’re applying for a credit card feed, you must apply online. Contact your ANZ Relationship Manager if you don’t have an online banking login.
    • For accounts requiring multiple signatories, you need to complete an application form.
  2. Apply by Application Form:
    • Credit cards can only be connected via online banking. Ensure you deselect any credit card accounts before downloading the application form.
    • To start the application process:
    • Find your ANZ account on your Xero Dashboard or select it from the Accounting menu and choose “Bank accounts.”
    • Click “Get bank feeds.”
    • If you don’t have a form, download and print a copy.
    • Physically sign the form (digital signatures are not accepted).
    • Scan the form and save it in PDF or JPEG format.
    • You can choose to either upload the form or do it later. If you encounter any issues during the upload, follow the provided prompts for resolution.
    • Optionally, click “Edit start date” to set a future start date for your feed.
    • Finally, click “Send form to bank.”

Upon submission of the application form, if accepted, your bank feed will commence within 10 working days. You’ll receive an email notification once the feed is activated.

In case your application form isn’t accepted, our team will contact you. You can find further details on common reasons for rejection on our dedicated page.

If you haven’t received any communication from our team within 10 working days, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Xero support for assistance.


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