ANZ Bank Card - November 2023


The ANZ Access Visa Debit card is a feature linked to the ANZ Access Advantage, ANZ One Offset, and ANZ Pensioner Advantage accounts.

This card provides the convenience of accessing the Visa network worldwide, allowing you to shop online, abroad, or by phone using your own funds.

Additionally, the card can be used for cash withdrawals and bill payments.

ANZ Bank Card

You are given the option to choose between three colors for your ANZ Access Visa Debit card: blue, pink, or black.


When applying, you’ll be prompted to indicate your preferred card color. If no choice is made, the default design will be the blue card. For those in New Zealand, the card is expected to arrive via mail within 5-7 business days.

Regarding ATM withdrawals, there is a daily limit of AUD 1,000 for all types of ATM withdrawal transactions, both local and international.

Your ANZ Plus Visa Debit card is usable globally wherever Visa is accepted. This type of card lets you make purchases using your own funds within the Visa network.


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