ANZ Bank BSB Number - November 2023


In the world of banking, there are special numbers that help things run smoothly. ANZ Bank knows how important these numbers are. They’re called BSB and account numbers, and they’re like secret keys that make sure money goes to the right places.

This article is here to help you understand BSB and account numbers.

ANZ Bank BSB Number

BSB, which stands for bank, state, and branch number, plays a key role in identifying the bank, branch, and state associated with your account’s origin. This unique code ensures accuracy in financial transactions.


Meanwhile, your account number serves as your account’s distinct identifier. Every account is allocated one. For credit cards, the 16-digit number on the front of your card serves as the account number.

Discovering your ANZ Bank BSB number and account number is simple and convenient:

  1. Through ANZ Internet Banking: Log in to ANZ Internet Banking, select your account, and check the ‘Details’ tab to find your BSB and account number.
  2. Using the ANZ Branch Locator: If you know the branch where you opened your account, use the ANZ Branch Locator. The BSB number, along with branch information, will be displayed in the search results.
  3. On Your Statements: Your BSB and account number are clearly printed on your statement copies. The BSB number is the first 6 digits, followed by a 9-digit account number.
  4. Via ANZ Phone Banking: Call 13 13 14 to access ANZ Phone Banking. You’ll be provided with your BSB and account numbers through an automated service available 24/7 from any touch-tone phone in Australia, at the cost of a local call.

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