ANZ Bank Branch Number - November 2023


In the world of banking, details matter a lot. Bank branch codes are like special codes that help banks know exactly where they are.

They’re like the map that helps banks find their branches all around the world. This article explains how ANZ Bank users can easily find the branch numbers of their ANZ banks.

ANZ Bank Branch Number

Every ANZ Bank branch worldwide has a unique branch number. To find the branch number of the ANZ bank branch you opened your account in is very simple. The branch number is a part of every ANZ bank account number.


The first two numbers are the ANZ bank number, the next four are the ANZ Bank branch number, and the rest are the customer’s account number. For instance: 012‑515-123-456-789. For this bank account number, the branch number is 2515.

Banking institutions worldwide rely on bank branch codes as unique identifiers for pinpointing their distinct locations.


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