All About Heartland Savings Bank


Heartland Savings Bank is a local bank that serves communities in a specific region. We offer a range of financial services to individuals, businesses, and local areas.

Our goal is to make banking easier for our customers, providing personal and business banking solutions, loans, and emphasizing community engagement.

All About Heartland Savings Bank

We are all about making banking simple and convenient for all our customers. We provide various banking services to cater to different needs.

Personal Banking Solutions

For individuals, Heartland Savings Bank offers current and savings accounts to make savings a lot more easier. Need a loan? We also provide personal loans to help everyone achieve their goals.

Business Banking Services

For businesses, Heartland Savings Bank offers tailored solutions. We provide business savings and checking accounts to keep our customers’ business finances in order.

Need funds to expand or start a business? We offer business loans too, ensuring that clients always have the support they need.

Community Engagement and Customer Service

Heartland Savings Bank is not just a bank; it’s an active part of the community. We engage with the local area and prioritize building strong relationships.


We make sure to give our customers the most friendly and personalized customer service experience always.

Simplifying Your Banking Experience

Heartland Savings Bank understands that dealing with banking tasks can be time-consuming. That’s why we focus on making things faster and simpler.

Whether applying for a loan or setting up a term deposit, our aim is to streamline the process so everyone can get to what truly matters in their lives.

Diverse Customer Service

Customer service matters, and Heartland Savings Bank knows it. We offer various ways to connect with them. We provide our customers with the option of speaking to a real person through phone calls or quick chats with a friendly representative.

When you visit our branch, a local team member will assist you. And if online convenience is your preference, we excel in that area too.

Blending Tradition with Technology

Proud of our New Zealand heritage, Heartland Savings Bank also embraces technology. We believe in using technology to enhance the banking experience.

Our efficient and agile team is dedicated to accomplishing tasks quickly and efficiently.


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